Sergey Domaev MOTORSPORTS Consulting & Events
presents "PRORING" team

creating conditions
for victory

We specialize in the organising and managing professional
racing teams. Our task is to create the best possible quality
preparation of the car and the staff for a victorious outcome.

PRORING – Professional Team

We organize team for professional and semi-professional race drivers for the best European championships. We will provide a competitive race car and the team will establish all the processes in races, practices and tests.

ADAC Westfalenfahrt
25 Mar 2017
DMV 4-hour race
8 Apr 2017
24 Jun 2017
Adenauer ADAC
8 Jul 2017
ROWE 6 hours ADAC
19 Aug 2017
2 Sep 2017
ADAC Reinoldus
23 Sep 2017
ADAC Barbarossapreis
7 Oct 2017
DMV Münsterlandpokal
21 Oct 2017
25 Nov 2017
Stage 1
1 Apr 2017
Stage 2
22 Apr 2017
Stage 3
25 May 2017
Stage 4
10 Jun 2017
Stage 5
22 Jul 2017
Stage 6
5 Aug 2017
Stage 7
16 Sep 2017
Stage 8
30 Sep 2017
15 Oct 2017


Long races on the Nordschleife are considered to be the most emotional view of circuit racing. We will help you to prepare for performance at the most exciting track in the world and our huge experience will guide you to great results.

Accurate calculations
provide the result

Lots of experience

We have fifteen years of experience, successfully organizing sports programs for our drivers.

Best professionals

Our coaches are famous race drivers who have made their students grow into true pilots.

Victory is our goal

We are working to achieve the result and we try to make the most of the car. Your victory is our goal.


We will help you to enjoy the atmosphere of long race, creating for you an individual program of training and organizing quality coaching support. Under the wing of our team you start your first steps as a pilot and begin to conquer the first competition. We will make our best to provide you with all the conditions to achieve victory.


Winning is the most important.
Everything is consequence of that.

- Ayrton Senna

Our Team

We are professional sports managers with years of experience in the world of auto racing. Our coaches are outstanding race drivers, true professionals who have experience creating true pilots from simple car enthusiasts. Our common ambition is to help us achieve high results.

  • Sergey Domaev

    Project promotion

  • Marat Zaydman

    Project Administrator & Coordinator

  • Patric Paquet

    Marketing & Management

  • Kai Riemer

    Coach, Porsche instructor

  • Arno Klasen


  • Sergey Borisov



World motorsport has never been
so close...

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